Absorber Protocol Migration Complete!

Absorber Finance
2 min readFeb 1, 2021


After our initial plans and dreams to have been broken by the Ethereum Network Gas Fees, we have decided to say goodbye (at least until L2 is massively available) to the Erc20 Protocol and move to Bep20 (Binance Smart Chain Network) where fees are a breeze and everything is more user friendly, where you don´t feel robbed for buying or selling, yield farming, locking or unlocking liquidity.

We are now faster, stronger than ever, (not price wise), but as a community with more dedicated members, seeing the future of Absorber clearer everyday.

*The migration from $ABS ETH to $ABS BSC (Binance Smart Chain) has begun, in order to be eligible to receive the swap in binance chain you must send your ABS token to the Absorber Ethereum creation address “0xB74C715AcA985298B8cED39d7455159367fE7203”

The New Official Absorber Contract Address on Binance Smart Chain is “0x6c5fe6e99d2484db7e4bf34f365aba42d0e4dc20”

Understand that the amount of ABS bep20 (bnb network) tokens you will receive is the same with the address you sent your ABS erc20 (eth network) tokens.

The total tokens you will receive including the gas fee, assuming under 80 Gwei or price difference (premium) between erc20 and bep20 is over 10%

The new trading platform that works just like Uniswap is called Pancakeswap (pancakeswap.finance), for the ones who are not familiar with it, it looks almost identical to Uniswap. We suggest that you add liquidity with your tokens then you will be eligible to receive a very high APY locking your LP tokens into one of our smart contract (in development), the APY as promised before it will be a volatile around 1000% for around 2 weeks once commenced.

To learn more about PancakeSwap read and understand each links,


To know how to add liquidity,


Over 150,000 USD in liquidity have been added already and mounting up

You can add liquidity in here,

You can select the BNB-ABS Pair and add as many tokens as you wish (keep in mind that once you added liquidity, even if the website to lock liquidity is not live yet, based on the txid timestamp you will be eligible for 1000% stable APY and receive it automatically every 24 hours on 03:00 AM UTC Time until the staking dashboard is set up completely by the developer. (Don’t forget that once the staking dashboard is live, the APY may fluctuate, so take advantage of the opportunity!

We would like to thank the people for their patience and being with us through the months, a new era for Absorber Protocol has begun, make sure to maximize every opportunity that comes in your way with $ABS.

Be updated with the development by following our community, and please try to migrate your tokens to the creation contract as soon as possible so we end the migration and resume the Reflect functions of the Absorber Protocol.

We do not want to set a deadline so everyone have the opportunity to migrate flawlessly, but if it will take too long, eventually community will be asked to vote for a migration end date.

Telegram : https://t.me/AbsorberProtocol
Twitter : https://twitter.com/DeFi_Absorber

Website : https://absorber.finance/