Absorber — a new and innovative DeFi protocol

The Absorber protocol is here to change ALL of that.

A visualization of how the Absorber Protocol works
Nothing can resist Absorber’s gravity
  • A buy, sell, or transfer incurs an absorption of 2%, and the entire portion of this is re-allocated to every holder (“the yield”). (This will be possible to change later according to the community’s will. It’s like an airdrop, but it’s not because it costs NO GAS for you to collect — quite literally, it just appears as an increase on your balance. That means by holding $ABS, you’re able to passively collect the yield.
  • On top of the previous point, each buy/sell/transfer goes through an “automatic liquidity generation” event, an absorption of 8% (changeable later according to the community’s will). This makes passive yield farming sustainable, creates a price floor, makes the ABS Protocol deflationary.

But wait, there’s more!

Visualization of giving from the Absorber
It gives, and it gives… as long as the light lives.

Final words

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