Absorber — a game-changing innovative and experimental DeFi protocol

Important things to know about how $ABS works :

1. Because the protocol core function does not primarily use any staking contracts, there is no potential for it to be bugged or exploited.

2. The protocol does not allow anyone — even its owner — to send any of the smart contract’s tokens out because the function simply does not exist.

3. The protocol automatically distributes rewards to you without you needing to pay any gas fees to claim them.

4. By using the Passive Yield Farming function only, there will…

So many things happened since the last time we published a medium blog regarding the Migration of Absorber Protocol from ERC20 to BEP20. After a week of sleepless nights and non-stop development, we are proud to say that we were able to deliver our promises to the community.

You might first think at reading this, why have he started like this, and why this Article Title? Is it a click-bait? Are we going Bust? It´s Over?

We would like to thank everyone in the ABS community that took the risk for offering their liquidity and trusted us for a total…

After our initial plans and dreams to have been broken by the Ethereum Network Gas Fees, we have decided to say goodbye (at least until L2 is massively available) to the Erc20 Protocol and move to Bep20 (Binance Smart Chain Network) where fees are a breeze and everything is more user friendly, where you don´t feel robbed for buying or selling, yield farming, locking or unlocking liquidity.

We are now faster, stronger than ever, (not price wise), but as a community with more dedicated members, seeing the future of Absorber clearer everyday.

*The migration from $ABS ETH to $ABS BSC…

While we’re busy with the holidays and spending time with our families, we’re also slowly rolling on with our development plans. This means we’re constantly looking at what needs to be done to further improve our protocol before the DAO is fully launched at the end of March of 2021.

Announcement: With gas fees being what they are, we have something very exciting for the community of Absorber traders! Starting from today, we are officially partnering up with the Ethanol token (ethanoltoken.com), a cash back rewards system that has three main perks for holders:

  1. Cash back rewards on Eth gas…

We are very proud and supportive to the community effort to show their creativity no matter how good their graphic skills,

Below we will list the memes with their respective link in order for the Community to decide the winners, believing that community should drive all the the decisions in the Absorber Protocol we stick to that Fundamental Image that shall last forever

Nr. 1 — Link https://twitter.com/MaxCryptoDaddy/status/1340652439192567814
№1 — https://twitter.com/MaxCryptoDaddy/status/1340652439192567814

Opening words

Wow. This has been a wild ride. So much so that it is breathtakingly difficult to explain just what kind of history we have achieved here. As some say, “few know, even fewer understand.”

As a core group of three people with a vision to bring the first truly decentralized, deflationary passive yield farming protocol, we never imagined to get to this level of growth. This is truly something to celebrate! We want to congratulate everyone who participated in our “ACE” (“Absorber Creation Event”) because without you, we wouldn’t be decentralized, and we likely wouldn’t even exist. …

Decentralized Finance has taken the world by a storm with over $13 billion dollars of total value locked (TVL). More shockingly, however, is that over $200 million dollars has been hacked/stolen from DeFi projects in 2020. While some of these things can be attributed to bugs/exploits, as much as 50% can be attributed to rugs, or the act of pulling out the entire value of the said contract because the owner continues to hold control over the smart contract. Let us say this clearly: such ownership is still centralized in the same way that a bank can freeze your funds.

Absorber Finance

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